Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Defining MADman Principals

Creating the world of branding schools with the help of MADMAN Principles is a passion for me.

Getting feedback from my blog readers is so important to the process of developing the book, the platforms, the social networks that I believe can support new leaders as well as seasoned leaders, in their effort to use the best of marketing to inform their role as educational leader.

Are you a MADman Principal? Or a MADwoman? I'm in the process of defining this term and publishing it as a wiki, in fact. There's even a as of yesterday!

Perhaps before the wikipedia entry becomes active, an elevator speech for defining MADman Principal is in order. I'll be developing that on the train today, as well as the WIKI.

For those interested, a MAD man of of the developers of Wikipedia has gone into the educational video market!

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John said...

Leave Gender out of your plan. Get after talented youths who get distracted by peer group pressure. There is a way out of mediocrity for kids with talent. Stop your focus on middle aged women looking for "Practical" companions (financial) and use this venture to uplift kids with great but neglected talents.John