Friday, November 20, 2009

Branding Lessons:LinkedIn a First Step to Going MAD

You may know that Linkedin is a professional online network with 50 milllion onboard and growing every moment. Some use this for NETWORKING, some for jobseeking. It's an important tool for a MADman Principal to seriously approach.

As a former school administrator, I will tell you I had many conversations about the Loneliness of being the Boss. Who will administrators share with in a school? Picking up the phone to call your significant other during a stressful day, doesn't work. In this day, the other at her/his own stressful job.

As an author of an networking book, I believe LinkedIn to be a great resource, especially for the occasional moments that face isolated school leader. Building a network of other professionals who are in your shoes through LinkedIn is a great value. If you are not on any of the social networks I posted earlier, get on Linked in. Establish your profile, copy and past your resume onto your home page. DOWNLOAD YOUR PICTURE..a MUST!-- and get started.

Place your schools website into your profile and search for some key words that will match your position: educator, principal, schools,etc.

Join a few groups.

Answer and create discussion questions....pretty soon you will see connections grow as you invite others. Soon you'll be invited too, and the isolation of the school administrator will not be as keen. A forum for questions, connections and content sharing will enrich any day. And INVITE ME TO YOUR EDUCATORS PARTY!

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