Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Branding Lessons: Tick Tick Boom!

So what are some of the questions that have bubbled up so far as you think of a BRANDING Campaign in a school setting. I'll bet one goes to TIME.

Private schools and universities have already taken up the MADman approach to developing a REPUTATION. Building a BRAND that is credible is an ROI that hooks to revenue. Public schools may see that as an offshoot of their campaign, but the primary purpose to invest TIME in such an effort is to align the internal organization with the clients it serves in a more personable and customer oriented approach. This bring positive return on investment-- Student achievement being the biggest. The goal of making everything about the kids and their success makes the question of time easy to answer. Who doesn't have time to spend for student achievement in a public school? Time Principles are important for MADmen Principals as they craft a beginning campaign to enhance student achievement through Branding.

1. Take Time to DEFINE what Branding is with the organization.
2. Take Time to deliberately mine what BRAND the school may already be living and restructure it or build it up.
3. Take Time to think about expectations of all involved with the BRAND.
4. Take Time to find the driving reason why the brand needs to be built to fill a need.
5. Take Time to find what makes the school community distinctive and unique.

The journey to developing a brand takes two to three months of meetings, of interviewing, of discussions around the existing artifacts of a potential BRAND campaign. MADMEN need to review mission sttaements, logos, taglines, websites, etc.

The path of spending time, the tick, tick, of intention to build a reputation results in a RETURN on INVESTMENT ...BOOM!

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