Wednesday, November 11, 2009


As a former middle school teacher, I am keenly aware of the "Turn Off "factor. The challenge of keeping a 13 year old's attention...a room full of 13 year olds, in fact, has been a training ground to me as a presenter, a consultant, a writer. Add in three experiences with my own kids going through their teens, and I will set myself up, a la Lucy in Peanuts with My sign: The Doctor is in! That's why this post is here.
It's not just 13 year olds who ignore; the new age of media has shortened our attention.

So who's my niche market in my "doctor's office/blog "? The Ignoration Nation, that means anyone who feels bombarded my the" too much information age", and has tried to sift, to select, to discipline themselves in receiving information, but still comes up feeling bewildered by the proliferation of stuff to know, see, and process.

As the visual suggests, you may feel you just have had enough and are in information free fall or flight!

Well, just being a blogger smacks of contributing to the internet rabbit hole that any Alice or Alan can fall into on any day of the week, so I will point to the idea of being relevant . No this isn't a Goodle Adsence driven site.There is good content for branding here. As consumers of information we must manage the knowledge, the content, that is available. It presents a time drain, and we are time poor in the 21st Century .On the other hand, creating the best content is another challenge. How do we as brand developers get our brand message across to those who are part of the IGNORATION NATION, and could benefit from our service?

As you work toward Understanding Branding and Building a Better Brand for your Organization, here's a few touchpoints:

KNOW WHY YOU ARE BRANDING---It should be based on your need to build relationships. Don't become part of an internet "Echo Chamber" by putting out stuff that is only relevant to you or the people with whom you are working . Branding is about touching people. Marketing research says it takes, on average, 8 touchpoints to deliver brand loyalty.

CREATE A SIMPLE MESSAGE THAT HOLDS POWER---The KISS principle here. And think of the superficial trappings like LOGOS and COLORS and TAGLINES as visuals that can get people's attention. I've included the powerful MADMEN image in this posting. It's a version of he original shadow figure. Powerful visual.

CREATE VEHICLES THAT SUPPORT THE BRAND--- A short relevant newsletter, not endless text, can continue to bring the brand home to clients or customers. The direct email that gives value, a link to good information, a partner offering a discount or service. Make sure any content you use is the result of educated research, make the information irresitible in your branding campaign and your brand with ring with credibility.

As you begin to bring your winning, connected brand to your market, understand the challenges that you face. Knowing how your market gets its information and sifts this information will inform your developing brand. The IGNORATION NATION won't stand a chance against a brand that hits the mark and delivers its brand promise over and over. Just ask GOGGLE, COKE, NIKE. Last time I checked ...most people weren't ignoring them.

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