Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Brand of the Moment: Rigoletto Pizza

Ok...I'm using my blog to educate people about Brands and marketing. That goes in many content directions: Thoughtful Content, Interesting People, and Great Branded the Brand of the Moment captures the Great Branded Places of NY or wherever I roam.

Todays's brand of the Moment is in my neighborhood. 208 Columbus Ave@ 69/70 streets. It's Rigotetto Pizza. The brand promise...THIN crust. Best imported Cheese, Best Quality ingredients. Best Price. This brand delivers on its promise to the point that it has now expanded, doubled its size. It's one of the great NY pizza destinations. I am watching calories and carbs...their whole wheat fresh tomato, no cheese pizza makes dieting EASY!!!! I'm jonesin' one this moment!!

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