Thursday, November 19, 2009

Branding Lessons:THE WORKSHOP/MADmen Principles for School Principals

Branding Lessons: Madmen Principles to Build School Identity

It’s no longer the sixties, but “admen madmen” are once again flexing their Madison Avenue muscle in 21st century schools, and not just on a popular TV show.

Whether we like it or not, teachers, students, parents and community members are all subject to the influences of BRANDING in modern society, and making use of these subtle but powerful forces can positively impact school culture. Contrary to what educators once imagined, good business and good education can and should mix. What works in business can make for better education, and skillful use of the Madmen principles to create or strengthen a school wide identity can make all the stakeholders in your school more willing participants in a common cause.

Branding is not new in business, but it has now, in the current vernacular, “gone viral." And why? BRANDING is “the implied promise of quality”… And quality is what school customers naturally seek. A quality education, after all, is what promises access to the American Dream, and more so today, than ever before.

ESSENTIAL QUESTION: Can a “Madman” Principal or Central Office Leader bring new energy, language and thinking to a district culture through using BRANDING principles?

If you want to be a Madman Principal ask yourself...

Do I care how my school/district is perceived by parents, school board, teachers, students, businesses and community at large?
Do I want new ways to communicate core messages, especially for budgeting and referendums?
Do I want to create a story, put a personal face on my school community and bring it credibly to life?
Do I want to go beyond the selling of my school through its website, logo or mascot?
Do I want to be strategic about “marketing” my school’s brand in social media and through face to face engagement?
Do I want to think more creatively about the Madmen world of BRANDING: Brand Awareness, Brand Platforms, Brand Management, Brand Loyalty, Brand Engagement and Brand Leveraging?

If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, a two-hour Branding Think Tank is the first step toward your initiation as a “ Madman Principal”. Learn from an educator who has faced the Madness in New York City!

• If you have a brand and want to build curriculum connections in new ways…

• If you want to connect your existing brand messaging to standards and existing schoolwide programs such as character development…

• If you need to build a new brand or strengthen your school’s perceived identity across the community…

• If you welcome discussions with other leaders about bringing stakeholders together around the promise of quality in schools…

Then take the first step. Become a MADMAN PRICIPAL…and enroll in this session.

You’d be CRAZY not to.

Participants are expected to bring examples of their school brand artifacts: website, promotions, sponsorships, awards, publications, logos, etc.

A school educator and businesswoman, the seminar leader is a professional educator and intuitive marketing force. No, not Don Draper, Trish Rubin MA/MGA, a career educator who has worked as a basic skills teacher, reading specialist, literacy coordinator, college adjunct professor, curriculum coordinator, colleague teacher/coach, assistant principal, acting assistant superintendent, developer demonstrator for a nationally funded literacy program in 38 states, author of state literacy standards, cognitive coaching trainer, professional development coordinator, and USA TODAY Education’s national literacy consultant. Ms Rubin’s company, The Edventures Group Intl., is a business development consultancy that works across a wide range of issues with clients from education, business, and professional service. Her clients include schools, law firms, medical providers, retailers, entrepreneurs and small businesses. She is currently the brand manager of a 68 store chain of retail beauty stores, bath junkie. Her private client list includes solopreneurs and people in transition in business. Her book, Trish Rubin’s New York Minute for Networking is a business self-help book for creating connections. She is a professionally accredited speaker who has spoken on Wall Street and at the United Nations, Trish presents regularly to groups on the topic of building social networking skills for business. Her social graph includes linkedin, Twitter and Facebook.

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