Sunday, November 08, 2009

Branding Lessons: Brand Language for Districtwide Achievement

o if you are reading this, you are thinking of repositioning your personal brand before you take the lead on re-branding your school. Step One, and that's a good direction. Get comfortable with the idea that you are gong to live the Madman brand as you lead the push toward a community-wide living of achievement that your district stands for every single schoolday, not just on the budget voting day. Your personal brand overhaul will include your image and actions related to being a brand manager, and a Madman principal.
My hope for you is that you will spend time researching business topics that are devoted to brand understanding. That's your focus as you start. For you to learn your branding lessons, and for you to teach them to others, you'll need to do the work of mining what's out there in the world of Branding. Find what you can hook onto, what resonates, and like coming to a foreign country, learn the language and understand the attitudes that are present in this new world.
There is truly a language of" BRANDSPEAK", and as I develop my branding lessons, I will define the best use terms and coach you into making connections from business applications to school use. It'll be easy, believe me.
If you've read my previous articles, you know that Branding as a term is open to discussion, and that Madmen admen still quibble over the meaning. Fo my purposes, I want my readers to think RELATIONSHIP BUILDING as paramount to understanding Branding. Yes, it is a total of positive experience that people have with a service or product. Any yes, it is built on reputation and positive delivery of the service or product. Above all for me it is about relationship building. That's why branding is not a solo push, but an effort tied to marketing and networking as you go forward.
Here's some of the BRANDSPEAK terms that I promise to define for you in future pieces. Brand Promise, Brand Platform, Brand Loyalty, Brand Messaging, and Brand Engagement to name a few. All of these frameworks gather around a tenet related to communicating with your diverse niche market that exists in your school district. And here's the tenet...To be a Madman Principal ...Think NICHE MARKET.
Think customers and begin your branding lesson by finding out how your school/district is perceived by parents, school board, teachers, students, businesses and community at large. Think about the LANGUAGE, the BRANDSPEAK that you must know, and genuinely embrace so that you can talk the talk of Branding. Knowing these elements will bring an attitude to your work that helps you walk the walk as a brand manager, a Madman school principal. Now, think about how you going to launch a branding campaign that will make relationships with each of these niche markets, and remember that each market is different, yet they must exist under the same brand . It's your job to build relationships with all your customers powerfully enough to advance your school brand for positive return on your investment...ROI!

About the Author
Ms Rubin's is a NYC based consultant who helps individuals and organizations grow through branding, marketing and networking services. She is a speaker and author of Trish Rubin's New York MINUTE NETWORKING

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