Tuesday, November 10, 2009


The first time I went to Rocky's over a year ago, I sat next to the window facing Spring Street and was struck by the special feel of the restaurant..."This Moment is More Precious than you Think.", I remember thinking. It was the beautiful Nolita light that streams through the window during the lunch hour that led me to that thought.

And then I ordered lunch...and it was the BEST of Little Italy. How precious is that?

And a year later, I have had countless precious moments at Emma's restaurant..a true tiny gem of high quality, fresh, authentic Italian food. From freshly made soup, crisp salads, to entrees as varied as deliciously sinful pumpkin ravioli to fantastic salmon. From martinis of every exotic type, to desserts that make waiting for the end of dinner irresistible ...Rockys rules!

I've recommended strangers on the streets of Little Italy, customers in bath junkie, friends, business colleagues and family to Rockys at 45 Spring Street. It is my FAVORITE Italian in NOLITA...and even in NYC. I'm happy to tell the world because it's a brand that says...authentiic, reliable and classic. Head to Spring an Mulberry. If you are lucky you will dine next to an interesting vistor from anywhere in the USA, Europe or Asia...and if you are really lucky, Emma will make you an Espresso Martini to die for!

As a brand, Rocky's stands tall over the choices in Little Italy. Homey, comfortable, welcoming....that's the Rocky's brand...Enjoy! And tell Emma Trish sent you.

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