Saturday, May 30, 2009

Connect in the Garden

Lest you think that I am all connecting work and no play...check out the Garden of Connecting Delight. Les Jardin Bistro,25 Cleveland Pl, between Kenmare and Spring Sts, Nolita, (212-343-9599).

This surprisingly subtle restaurant has muted-yellow walls, aged wooden palnk floors, carefully placed botanical drawings and lace curtains that shield diners from the street...AND an amazing garden of botanical delights where you can invite your favorite people to lunch and create a buzz in a very European setting. Great for CREATION events for friends and clients.

Don't Cut your PR Budget in the Downturn, be an ACE with Trish Rubin

ACE your brand, your networking skill, and take steps to new strategies that can market you quickly! Let me, Trish Rubin, marketing and PR specialist in the NEW PR movement, help you become the CMO…Chief Marketing Officer of your business life.
AND LET ME DO IT IN A NEW YORK MINUTE, just as my popular networking book suggests!

If you are overwhelmed with information as you start a new direction, or if you are stuck in this downturn economy, pinkslipped and powerless, you need a trusted partner to help you take the first steps of action. You need someone to help you design and implement a plan to ACE your future direction. So let me teach you to ACE, that’s Associate, Create and Engage for focus, control and action. In 5 easy one hour sessions, you will meet your identified goals. I’m someone who fits into your marketing budget…according to AMNew York!
even if you are a solo-preneur!

Don’t make the mistake of going it alone. Get connected for success quickly.

I guarantee you will not only create a plan, but you will take ACTION in a NY MINUTE! You will learn foundational business and face to face and online marketing skills to increase revenue and grow the presence of your business.
I tell my clients, “I AM NOT YOUR THERAPIST, I AM YOUR CATALYST” and my influence creates ATTENTION, INTEREST,DESIRE AND ACTION around your personal business goal.

Take FIVE and be ALIVE!…Five hour individual sessions are booking with me or with one of my trainers. Small group sessions are available as well.
Join the service providers, retailers, small businesses, artists, and others who have learned to ACE their business direction.

A Sharp Eye on the World

Nancy Ireland ‘s lifestyle/newsletter website for women in their late 30's and up is called "A Sharp Eye" I happily was introduced to the site through my bath junkie connection. The site launched in late November, 2008, and it is positively lovely and delightful. I highly recommend you view it! Along with her newsletter partner, Ginny Day, their interest in finding the hallmarks of effortless and gracious lifestyle, brings the best to readers.

Before her website development, Nancy had an impressive, ten year career as an attorney in New York City focusing on criminal justice and housing. She has served on many boards in Connecticut, and currently serves on the board of the Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute in Hyde Park, New York. Ginny Day, Nancy’s partner in the lifestyle newsletter, and an economic development consultant, has a keen interest in social networking. Her work in Greenwich on various Boards and foundations has grown her network and connections. Both of these elegant and educated women, leave time in their lives for travel and family, which makes the tone of their newsletter, genuine and elegant…please check out their view of the world.

Add these savvy women to those in the know as you connect the dots and grown your network!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Mark your Networking Calendar...The MORNING BREAKFAST NETWORK SING at STEINWAY!

The Third Time's the CHARM! Back by Popular Demand!

Change your networking tune in a tough economy.
and meet new power professionals for result!
Trish Rubin's New York MINUTE Networking invites you to its THIRD ---
Networking Breakfast Morning Sing TM!
Generously Sponsored by Steinway , bath junkie, and Dr. Robert Sorin
Start Early and POWER your Business Day with New Connections!
SING in the Morning at Elegant STEINWAY Hall
Network with connected NYC professionals in a room that HUMS! Be part of an energized, unique NETWORKING experience in the heart of NYC!
Trish Rubin's New York MINUTE Proudly Presents

A Networking Breakfast "Morning Sing" TM
It's the New Power Hour meeting for savvy NYC professionals
Skip the Gym and PUMP up your SPRING Networking!
Meet Up and Sing--- or Listen and Applaud!
Gift Bags to the first 50 attendees!

8:00am: Networking and Hosted Buffet Breakfast in a GRAND NYC Space..STEINWAY HALL!
8:30am-9:00am: Trish Rubin presents A New York Minute Group Singing Warm-up led by Ingrid Saxon, Vocal Coach. Group Choral Sing accompanied by Betsy Hirsch of Steinway
9:00 am: Take on the Business World with a SPRING in your Step, a Song for your day and new leads!!
Date: June 4th 8:00 am-9:00am
Venue: Steinway Hall , 109 West 57th Street. Btwn 6th and 7th Avenues


Three Times the Network Charm...JB Rote'

You never know where the connections are as you build your network...So I'm at a crafts fair in upstate NY on the holiday weekend...and the best thing about it is not the's meeting JB Rote' from NYC. She was representing the most talented jewelry designer at the fair--but in such style..That's because she is a talented NYC performer!! She has an SLN credit! Please check this dynamo out! When it comes to connecting the dots, she has an interesting spin on connecting with people. And my lens is always on the ways to be different and resourceful as you meet and connect.

Here's JB's meet up tip for herself and please think of its originality....SO---I asked her what JB meant in her name when she gave me her card... she said very sweetly, "I have a three time rule about my name...I only tell people my full name AFTER I meet them 3 times!!!" I like the audacity and the energy and the edge of that idea.In fact I may have to satrt using MY initials..TA RUBIN anyone???...You just would find it impossible not to follow up with her. So I may steal a page from her networking book as I am writing my own book two!

I'm hoping that she will finally tell me the JB secret. I've got 2 times to go...meanwhile...she's a talented performing force to be reckoned with...just google her name...and stand back. When I get her full name, I will tell you her website

Friday, May 22, 2009

Backwards in Heels for Fall! September 16th at Steven-Bradford Search

With a big THANK YOU to Erika Weinstein, President of Stepehen-Bradford Search, Trish Rubin's Backwards in Heels Networking for Executive Women announces its fall date, September 16th in the fabulous offices of Bradford-Search on Madison Avenue. The panel for this hot ticket for executive women's empowerment and networking is being built with care for my loyal subscribers and new guests who recognize the value of women meeting the women THEY MUST MEET ON THE SOLES OF THEIR FEET! There will be surprises and entertainment as well as POWERFUL CONTENT from four high profile NYC women.

As soon as the panel is set, you will hear.From my initial meetings on the event, I'd say it is a WINNER!!!

Interesting News for Networkers seeking Low Rates!

I met a wonderful New Yorker, Michael Laitman, at a great networking breakfast run by my good friend and SUPER CONNECTOR, Ron England, at the Penn Club on Wednesday. Ron's Wharton Leads Breakfast is an invitation to powerful connections. I've never thought of blogging about financial services, but Michael is a very genuine person with an interesting affordable interest only mortgage. If you or someone you know needs his help to close on this powerful Merrill Lynch mortgage product, you will be in great hands. He is one of the GOOD GUYS! I was compelled to offer him a spot as a POWER CONNECTOR on my blog. Michael helps people connect the dots to saving money. Have a look at the details!

The mortgage is interest-only for the first 10 years, adjustable monthly, and linked to the one-month LIBOR Index. We have the lowest rate available in the market today.
Today's rates for loans up to $3 million (all rates and terms subject to change):

1.875%, with 1 point.

2.250%, with zero points.
Additional benefit: If a client has $1 million at Merrill Lynch, they may qualify for a 0.25% discount off the spread. For example, the rate with zero points would be only 2% for a client with a $1 million account. So, a $600,000 mortgage at a rate of 2% would only cost $1,000 per month.
No pre-payment penalties and the borrower can pay down principal at any time.
General info: Maximum 55 - 65% financing (based on loan amount and location), no current home renovations, excellent credit, home not held in a trust, home not listed for sale in the past 6 months. Not available in all areas. Merrill Lynch is an equal opportunity housing lender.
Thanks for your help.
Warm regards,

Michael D. Laitman, CFM

Merrill Lynch Global Wealth Management

2 World Financial Center, 40th Floor

New York, NY 10281-6100

Phone: 212-236-4255

Fax: 212-669-0715


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

PR Cutbacks at Corporate can Be a Boon to Outsourcing Contractors

My surefire abilty to quickly get single practitioners,small businesses and service providers to ACE their brand presence and leverage their network makes me smile when I read these comments.

The word is spreading about contractors, consultants, coaches, like myself who can provide quick ROI value in an affordable way in this downturn. NEVER HAS THE TIME BEEN BETTER to invest in what sets you apart from the rest---and to BUZZ that to your niche market.

If you want to ACE your Brand and your Network. I am the Henry Higgins of Networking!!!



In honor of GINGER ROGERS, an ICON of NETWORKING,I launched a power networking brand in 2008 called, "BACKWARDS IN HEELS NETWORKING!" Today we are looking at our 4th event in NYC on September 25th generously hosted by STEPHEN-BRADFORD SEARCH in midtown NYC. So mark your calendars. BIH offers GREAT CONNECTIONS for EXECUTIVE WOMEN and a panel discussion to power thinking and collaboration in any room from high above TIMES SQUARE to... Picadilly Square,yes, BIH goes BAckwards in LONDON this December! The BIH event always has learning at its core, but connection and fun as well. There's always entertainment...and there's always a gallery of a few good men who are invited to see how the other half networks!

If you are interested in partnering on a Backwards in Heels event as a site sponsor or event sponsor, contact Trish at Your company can get a huge marketing and networking lift by giving women a place to meet on the soles of their feet.

Williams Club Reviews

The Williams Club is a fantastic venue to present any event. Along with my colleague, Wanda Mann and 40 amazing NY women, we enjoyed the ambiance and networking stage that was set for us by Lara and Steve. Thanks to you all. I so enjoyed presenting Networking is your Little Black Dress and the secrets to selling yourself in a NY MINUTE using the ATTENTION ECONOMY to your advantage! Don't forget to tuck our copy of Trish Rubin's New York MINUTE for Networking under your arm before you hit any room in NYC!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

bath junkie "BEST of NY" and BEST FRIEND of Hardworking Networkers!

Networking can be a busy business...reward yourself after a hard day's connecting. bath junkie, the hip NYC flagship store according to NY Magazine and Zagats and Crains, can create a unique restorative bath, shower and body product to relax you! Scent your world with lavender, eucalyptus or blends of 200 in-store fragrances. The soapistas, Allie and Jessica, can help guide you in creating products to relax and rejuvenate at an affordable price... and you may even get a song thrown in as they create your unique fragrance. According to brand manager, Trish Rubin, in a recent issue of Crains, "Eight million people in NYC and YOU will have a unique scent! How's that for a memorable networking brand?!"

AND if that weren't enough, bath junkie has hosted 20 events in house, since opening a mere five months ago, for business networking and socializing under their white market umbrella. The wine flows, the connections bubble up, and the scent of success surrounds.

Call TRish Rubin: Brand Manager to schedule your event. 227 Mulberry Street/212 925 5857.

The economy Stinks BUT you don't have to!
Highlights from my Williams Club Speech May 19th
NETWORKING is Your Little Black Dress

It’s simple and elegant. It’s timeless and fits in anywhere. It’s recognized worldwide as a standard, and should be in any savvy business woman’s arsenal. Dress it up or down and use wear it to death.

I’m not talking about a fashion mainstay. I’m talking about a communication necessity: the power to connect with people and form profitable relationships-- networking.

You may have the Coco Chanel styled classic hanging in your closet. Most women own a little black dress. But to make powerful business presence, wardrobe isn’t enough. Outfit yourself in a networking style that suits you just as personally.The“LBD” style of networking may be the answer to your business success.

“LBD”, the little black dress of networking, can’t be borrowed from anyone. It must genuinely fit you. It is your attention getter that attracts potential clients and referrals. It is the compelling power you deserve at any age or career level. Networking in classic little black dress style, you’ll move confidently, developing business and client. You are the CDO, “Chief Designer Officer”, marketing with style that is totally original. As Henry Higgins displayed by elevating Eliza, communication skill and connection is absolutely teachable. So let’s get dressed, ladies, and get to the party.

Women network differently than men. How many men would take on the little black dress challenge? Well, a few. I live in NYC and understand anything is possible! But the majority of men fall into traditional patterns of networking. Men begin their networking lives connecting to business through sports, school ties, and beer buzzed happy hours. Some men advance beyond this basic level. Male networkers do write books and articles on the subject. Yet most men don’t read these since they are stuck in the same old fashion plate for making contacts used in their father’s day. Somebody needs to tell them those days are gone.

Research reports women build relationships differently from men. Females tend to work more deliberately socially and often invest in one contact at a time that connects them to others. Women, as science suggests, also possess superior peripheral vision. This asset serves them on their feet as they meet people. It’s a social sixth sense most women have as they take on the landscape of networking opportunity. Women tend to work from trust while men are driven to take power. So trust yourself. Use a little black dress style of meeting and connecting to new people for business result. You have tools for success. Just use the right couture pattern of communication.

If you think you can’t learn to be a better networker, think of Audrey Hepburn as Ms. Doolittle diligently perfecting the “Rain in Spain” through repetitive patterning and simple practice. Think of timeless Audrey as Holly Golightly, breezing out the door to her NYC apartment in her little black dress, taking the world on with a wink and a smile. It’s elegant and simple. Practice and a positive attitude will ACE your networking in style. Make networking of daily importance in your business life and social world. As your communication standard, a little black dress attitude for networking goes a long way.

ACE your Little Black Dress Style

Networking doesn’t have to be complex, like the staple in your wardrobe, keep it simple.. ACE your networking in little black dress style!

ACE is manageable framework for meeting people through direct tools and strategies of “Associating, Creating and Engaging”. These are elegant simple designer communication tenets you don every day with confidence. Like a Chanel statement, this framework helps you make lasting impressions on people. Those impressions grow through authentic personable contact that blooms into a genuine business connection.

Mutual benefit underlies this business development design. Benefit isn’t always a bottom line credit for you. Be disciplined. Think. With whom will you associate? Let people see the simple benefit you offer them as a genuine person. Even if a deal is not on the horizon immediately as you build your contacts,keep associating. The benefit of adding a layer to your social network can be as valuable as getting one great business deal. It’s like hanging another perfect strand of pearls around your neck. Marvelous effect. The social network may carry you forward farther if you continue to invest strategic time and effort in it, and you can do it in little black dress style with strategic repeated practice and positive outlook.

People need to meet people as they do business, so think simply and elegantly, and with confidence. Someone out there wants you! Get out of your cubicle or office and find the people who are looking for you. See yourself on a continual networking campaign that is light touch. Be the Holly Golightly of networking as you ACE your own network in little black dress Style.

The Attention Economy...ATTENTION JOB SEEKERS !

We are in the midst of a recession, but what we are experiencing in the downturn is actually an OVERLOAD. Anyone who is looking for work, can tell you that they are experiencing stress related to the amount of information, stimuli, and advice from others.

Here's a few thoughts to help the job seeking NETWORKING PROFESSIONALS, out there...Think about the ATTENTION ECONOMY you are in...The term dates back to the 1990's coined by economists. It's buzzing as a term short, it refers to the inability of people to cut through the overwhelming amount of information coming at them through media, online and face to face communication. How to best get to the next sure thing??

Since my work touches coaching people as networking professionals, even if they are employed, I will borrow a page from the ad come closer to making a yourself stand out in the swarm of downsized individuals use AIDA to combat being lost and overlooked in the networking crowd.
A means Attract, I means Interest, D means desire....and A means action! To get someone's attention...go from A to A..not A to Z...Attraction to to Action!

As a networker you can create this type of "brand" around you that you can strategically place with people,one on one...or in big rooms as you network.

To draw attention, cultivate yourself as special in the ATTENTION ECONOMY with my help, of course!