Friday, May 29, 2009

Three Times the Network Charm...JB Rote'

You never know where the connections are as you build your network...So I'm at a crafts fair in upstate NY on the holiday weekend...and the best thing about it is not the's meeting JB Rote' from NYC. She was representing the most talented jewelry designer at the fair--but in such style..That's because she is a talented NYC performer!! She has an SLN credit! Please check this dynamo out! When it comes to connecting the dots, she has an interesting spin on connecting with people. And my lens is always on the ways to be different and resourceful as you meet and connect.

Here's JB's meet up tip for herself and please think of its originality....SO---I asked her what JB meant in her name when she gave me her card... she said very sweetly, "I have a three time rule about my name...I only tell people my full name AFTER I meet them 3 times!!!" I like the audacity and the energy and the edge of that idea.In fact I may have to satrt using MY initials..TA RUBIN anyone???...You just would find it impossible not to follow up with her. So I may steal a page from her networking book as I am writing my own book two!

I'm hoping that she will finally tell me the JB secret. I've got 2 times to go...meanwhile...she's a talented performing force to be reckoned with...just google her name...and stand back. When I get her full name, I will tell you her website

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