Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Sharp Eye on the World

Nancy Ireland ‘s lifestyle/newsletter website for women in their late 30's and up is called "A Sharp Eye" I happily was introduced to the site through my bath junkie connection. The site launched in late November, 2008, and it is positively lovely and delightful. I highly recommend you view it! Along with her newsletter partner, Ginny Day, their interest in finding the hallmarks of effortless and gracious lifestyle, brings the best to readers.

Before her website development, Nancy had an impressive, ten year career as an attorney in New York City focusing on criminal justice and housing. She has served on many boards in Connecticut, and currently serves on the board of the Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute in Hyde Park, New York. Ginny Day, Nancy’s partner in the lifestyle newsletter, and an economic development consultant, has a keen interest in social networking. Her work in Greenwich on various Boards and foundations has grown her network and connections. Both of these elegant and educated women, leave time in their lives for travel and family, which makes the tone of their newsletter, genuine and elegant…please check out their view of the world.

Add these savvy women to those in the know as you connect the dots and grown your network!

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