Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Attention Economy...ATTENTION JOB SEEKERS !

We are in the midst of a recession, but what we are experiencing in the downturn is actually an OVERLOAD. Anyone who is looking for work, can tell you that they are experiencing stress related to the amount of information, stimuli, and advice from others.

Here's a few thoughts to help the job seeking NETWORKING PROFESSIONALS, out there...Think about the ATTENTION ECONOMY you are in...The term dates back to the 1990's coined by economists. It's buzzing as a term today...in short, it refers to the inability of people to cut through the overwhelming amount of information coming at them through media, online and face to face communication. How to best get to the next sure thing??

Since my work touches coaching people as networking professionals, even if they are employed, I will borrow a page from the ad world...to come closer to making a yourself stand out in the swarm of downsized individuals use AIDA to combat being lost and overlooked in the networking crowd.
A means Attract, I means Interest, D means desire....and A means action! To get someone's attention...go from A to A..not A to Z...Attraction to to Action!

As a networker you can create this type of "brand" around you that you can strategically place with people,one on one...or in big rooms as you network.

To draw attention, cultivate yourself as special in the ATTENTION ECONOMY with my help, of course!

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