Tuesday, May 19, 2009

bath junkie "BEST of NY" and BEST FRIEND of Hardworking Networkers!

Networking can be a busy business...reward yourself after a hard day's connecting. bath junkie, the hip NYC flagship store according to NY Magazine and Zagats and Crains, can create a unique restorative bath, shower and body product to relax you! Scent your world with lavender, eucalyptus or blends of 200 in-store fragrances. The soapistas, Allie and Jessica, can help guide you in creating products to relax and rejuvenate at an affordable price... and you may even get a song thrown in as they create your unique fragrance. According to brand manager, Trish Rubin, in a recent issue of Crains, "Eight million people in NYC and YOU will have a unique scent! How's that for a memorable networking brand?!"

AND if that weren't enough, bath junkie has hosted 20 events in house, since opening a mere five months ago, for business networking and socializing under their white market umbrella. The wine flows, the connections bubble up, and the scent of success surrounds.

Call TRish Rubin: Brand Manager to schedule your event. 227 Mulberry Street/212 925 5857.

The economy Stinks BUT you don't have to!

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