Saturday, May 30, 2009

Don't Cut your PR Budget in the Downturn, be an ACE with Trish Rubin

ACE your brand, your networking skill, and take steps to new strategies that can market you quickly! Let me, Trish Rubin, marketing and PR specialist in the NEW PR movement, help you become the CMO…Chief Marketing Officer of your business life.
AND LET ME DO IT IN A NEW YORK MINUTE, just as my popular networking book suggests!

If you are overwhelmed with information as you start a new direction, or if you are stuck in this downturn economy, pinkslipped and powerless, you need a trusted partner to help you take the first steps of action. You need someone to help you design and implement a plan to ACE your future direction. So let me teach you to ACE, that’s Associate, Create and Engage for focus, control and action. In 5 easy one hour sessions, you will meet your identified goals. I’m someone who fits into your marketing budget…according to AMNew York!
even if you are a solo-preneur!

Don’t make the mistake of going it alone. Get connected for success quickly.

I guarantee you will not only create a plan, but you will take ACTION in a NY MINUTE! You will learn foundational business and face to face and online marketing skills to increase revenue and grow the presence of your business.
I tell my clients, “I AM NOT YOUR THERAPIST, I AM YOUR CATALYST” and my influence creates ATTENTION, INTEREST,DESIRE AND ACTION around your personal business goal.

Take FIVE and be ALIVE!…Five hour individual sessions are booking with me or with one of my trainers. Small group sessions are available as well.
Join the service providers, retailers, small businesses, artists, and others who have learned to ACE their business direction.

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