Monday, April 24, 2006

Women Executives See the Beauty of Networking In a “New York MINIT”

Women Executives See the Beauty of Networking In a “New York MINIT”

In a crowded conference room overlooking Madison Ave and 42nd Street the monthly meeting of the Manhattan Chapter of BPW, Business Professional Women, came to order. There wasn’t an empty seat in the house. Forty professional women of all ages and ethnicities from every corner of the city squeezed elbow to elbow around a conference table. Not the most comfortable place after a long workday. It was standing room only, but no one was complaining. The members had their après work glass of wine and cheese courtesy of BPW. There was a good buzz in the air…women at work.

The Business and Professional Women’s Manhattan Chapter is growing, and as the conference room attests, its membership is exploding. Professional women who want to meet, to network and to support their female colleagues choose organizations like BPW for monthly meetings that help women build connections in the city, and in the case of BPW, to even do this internationally. The group offers collegiality and current topics of interest to business women.

The topic for the evening was a hot one, and the promise of a lively presentation attracted the professional woman to the table from every realm of work in the city. The speaker, Trish Rubin, Founding Principal of The EdVentures Group, a New York based consulting group with national and international clients, delivered a high energy look at the beauty of networking in the city. Ms. Rubin, who has trained adults in professional development settings in thirty-eight states and abroad, took on the topic of networking in New York, through her own lens called, “The New York MINIT”. In the short span of forty minutes, the group learned a fast-paced framework for getting the most out of networking in a room of twenty or two hundred people. “Trish’s talk kept us enthralled at the end of a long day,” said BPW member, Irina Feygin, an image consultant with Impeccable iMage, Inc. “All the "fine points" of successful networking were addressed in a wonderful , animated presentation.”

Ms. Rubin captured her audience through humor and activity. The small conference room, at first quiet, soon buzzed with vitality. People to people connectivity bubbled up in the usually staid bank conference room. The easy to employ tools of the New York MINIT, highlighted and practiced during the short presentation, created energy and power in the room that was sure to translate into each woman’s workday.

Phyllis Marino, VP of Retail for Commerce Bank and President of the BPW Manhattan chapter, scheduled the networking speaker. Ms Marino regarded the topic as one of great interest to her membership. The attendance at the session confirmed her belief. Ms. Rubin’s presentation the right fit for her organization.

The group left with some easy to implement tools to add to their networking repertoire. The New York MINIT is based on quick rapport building and connectivity for making the right connection for building contacts or getting that next job. Getting feedback from the audience was essential for Ms. Marino. One participant responded to the session positively, “My attitude about networking was definitely was changed after the session with the energy, passion and confidence portrayed by our presenter. Now I won’t be nervous to meet new people with the easy to remember technique, the NY MINIT.”

BPW meets every month at selected Commerce Bank sites and welcomes new members at each meeting. Ms. Marino invites women from all professional areas to attend the next meeting, May 18th at 5:30-7:30pm for networking and a presentation . Please call 212.600.1421 with further inquiries. Sessions are free to members and $5.00 for non-members.

Trish Rubin can be contacted at or 856.426.1784. her blog is . Info about the NY MINIT can be found on the blog and on Go Artcles,

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