Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Networking the New York M.I.N.T.: Nice Work!

The New York MINIT networking frame continues!

Now...The ultimate goal of using the New York MINIT is to find the power person in a room of hundreds that will be your networking FIND...the best contact out of that session...the go to guy or woman that helps you advance yourself!The person who made the cost of attending worthwhile, if you had to pay the tab yourself!

Now that you've made a first move and invited some connectivity in your fast paced networking tour...continue to push yourself as a networker. According to the great Keith Ferrazzi, networking is first and foremost, about relationships, so in the room the size of TEXAS you have to find that prize,get friendly fast!


The N in the New York MINIT is for the phrase "Nice Work"! If you have not found that you've connected with an interesting chat partner....Don't wait time. Break politely from the rapport of the group and move away from the threesome you've formed. Go on the search again for a lone person...or you may decide to join an active pair already connecting. If you find another solo...start the framework process again with the M: Make the connection...if you join a pair use the I in the framework by saying a simple earnest "Excuse me", and a question that develops some instant connectivity. " What's your connection to this great idea...event...person...I'm here because..."

But let's say you have found a great chat partner or pair....time to move to the next phase..NICE WORK!

This is a quick moment in the framework where you, having found out a bit about this person, can make a quick positive comment about how NICE their WORK is....with responses that are genuine...." You must get a lot of satisfaction from your work as ....." or" You've been able to create great result from your work on _____, I'm sure." Statements, not questions are part of the nice work phase so it's not an interagation...let your chat partner TALK as much as possible. LISTEN and stoke the connection with positive...authentic statements about the work they are describing.You are probably enjoying listening anyway.

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