Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Networking in The New York M.I.N.I.T.: It's My Pleasure!

The framework for networking at a meeting is at tops...thirty minutes...make every minute count...Use the New York MINIT framework!

And time is getting tight on the networking clock...but imagine you have found a great prize connection...The Go to GUY or Woman!!! You cn feel if you can just get their CARD!!!

Without begging...


In this part of your engagement with your chat partner, it's time to develop quick trust in the fact that your paths might be aligned...or if not...could be crossed to mutual benefit..At his point, talk a bit about your work with as much enthusiasm as possible...but simply!... and use the information you've gained from the NICE WORK step in the framework...only use what you think your partner can immediately see as a "click". Then after having the floor ,you should resume the questions again, but with a soft touch...this isn't the time to fire questions, but craft them: " So I'm hearing some common ground in what we do, do you?" or "I'm hearing some connections, do you?"

Now, I will just about guarantee that...your partner's card comes is like a game for me....I won't give the card first...ok...I am also a woman that doesn't call a man for a date!!! I just love to get the card first...To me that shows commitment to the connection!

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