Friday, April 07, 2006

Networking in the New York M. I.N.I.T.:That's a wrap!

The networking frame of the New York MINIT Closes with the last step...T.for...


If you have successfully found a great relational connection as you followed the NY MINIT framework....relax. This may be the ONLY person you need to meet! Hoping that the "find" has already given you the buisness card to connect you, you can offer yours in exchange. I like to get a card first! But will give mine in the Wrap if necessary.

In the Wrap, be focused on a next time connection: coffee, lunch....or simply a call to the office. Of course, you will email this person ASAP to follow up! You may even, if this is an event around dinner or lunch, ask if they'd like to join you at your table.

If you haven't found THE connection...try to get to the WRAP stage with at least three people to test your skill...remember, a lot of this is LISTENING.

...Also remember, "Wise men talk because they have something to say...Fools talk because they have to SAY something."
Don't be foolish in the Wrap..keep listening and gathering as much data as you can. In the successzive meeting you will schedule from the Networking, you'll be able to do the talking!!!

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