Friday, December 11, 2009

A Tip for Taking on the BRAND: It's Necessary


Is it really necessary? Is it worth the effort spent planning, meetings, trainings ?

Business speaks to brand about a ”market share”. The education business has a market in place, They have buyers. School customers are a robust group.

Aren’t schools different? Does a school really have to find clients?

You’re An Educator...but you may have to go a bit MAD.

As a MAD AVE Principal, where you stand on the above questions may be linked to where you sit. If you are in private education, you may already have a group of ”buyers” who traditionally seek your type of educational service. If you are in an academic institution, you attract a market for advanced study and degrees. In both those settings, the competition is getting increasingly fierce for tuition dollars, Weaving a strong branding or rebranding conversation to fit the competitive 2.0 world to your existing model, can strengthen a school’s unique profile, build enrollment, increase funding.

Now, if you are a MAD AVE. principal in a public school setting, you have a captive market. You have a residential community. Most residents have children they send to you for service. Or they may choose not to. They may have opted out, and are part of the private market, even as they pay school taxes. You may be losing the highest performing students to the private educator in your zip code. Having an excellent brand can help you compete and create that profile of high achievement, and win back the hearts and minds of today’s economically strapped parents of students you want to educate. They make good customers.

So, start the branding conversation. Maybe with someone who has opted out!

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