Monday, December 14, 2009

BRAND Ed: A Brand New Idea in Creating a Winning School

The development of new thinking, thought made visible as a finished written product, is the birthing process...and I have had three children, and written several manuscripts, school programs, grant and published a book.

So I'm not surprised that as I write, I'm getting closer to the message...and I am actually renaming it! Well, the three kids' names, with the exception of my son, Zachary, were always changing before they arrived!!

So now with a little help from far off friends.. I am now losing the MAd Ave brand....and heading to the brand that follows:

BRAND-ED and combining it with BRAND NEW...which I think is closest to what I want to say, and that can be communicated quickly for a reader...the Brand is developing. And the book proposal getting clearer...cutting away at the fog!!!

Meanwhile...saw this thinking today and like the message: The place for generations to collaborate on brand in schools includes the 2.0 landscape!

Millennials need to feel as though they are using their skills and expertise to their utmost capacity in order to be engaged in their job. Get them involved in leading the branding push to develop a 2.0 branding plan that fits into the total school brand development. They sure know it from developing a personal brand! The me 2.0 Generation!
Intern Bridge, the internship research and consulting firm responsible for the nation’s largest annual internship research project , suggests this...I couldn't agree more and will address this in my book, too!

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