Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thriving with a School Brand

Why Brand in Today’s 2.0 World: From Biz to School to Personal Buzz

Is it really necessary? You are thinking that.

Is it worth the effort, the time, the negotiation, the meetings, the decisions. Is it worth it?

Why build a brand for my school ? It seems to have a market in place, the school community is right there.I don't have to find customers. So why would you want to build a brand?

Brands are part of the 2.0 world today. They exist in our constant need for communication. Schools, if they are to be successful, need to recognize that the days of the solitary one room isolated school experience are gone. Ask any parent who has received a text message from a child in a classroom:" forgot $ for yearbook, come quick with $", and you will know that the communication highway is like a crazy cloverleaf that curls loops through a school's setting, culture and atmosphere. Branding is a part of school life already because of the need to manage and monitor as best as one can, the reputation of a school. A reputation for excellence. So the elevator speech for school branding that can be buzzed by all is, "Branding secures the school's positive reputation throughout the entire community ,and increases loyalty of all who touch the brand."

There is a constant need to communicate the brand promise that comes to business, individuals and schools. And each entity works on improving the brand in today's modern world in much the same way. The reason for building a branding goes beyond surviving. It means thriving.

In a poetic sense, there comes a time when remaining closed off tightly in a bud is more painful than the risk it takes to blossom. So the brand campaign is the opening of that bud . It might not even be painful. When led with intention and vision, it can be an exciting journey.

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