Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Why Don't They listen? Rotary Speech

My topic today is listening....I am a member of the International Listening Association...really. There is such an organization. So theser's some credibility for you!

Why did I join? because over the years I began to see the value of listening in my own personal and professional life. I think having children really did it for me into listening....because as my babies grew I kept thinking..."Why Don't They Listen?"

Have you ever felt that in you personal life? Think for a moment about an instance when you've felt that in your personal life.

Now think about your people trult listen there? Do the same thing. Think of something that shows you people don't listen in their jobs.

You are probably seeing similar examples of people who do the following:

Have short attention
Can't stop interupting
seem to talk about themselves even after you've talked.

Well,,,,it's a national epidemic...the lack of listening...and there are theories aboout why it is getting worse...and it's generational...people did seem to listen better 40 years ago. I will give you reasons why in this short talk and give you one or two ways to help yourself as a listener.

We must first go beyond hearing...listening is processing...and the generations now process differently.

Research today paints a bleak picture for the growth of is wonderful but it can be a challenge to are a few facts...

18,000 hours of TV logged
Average span of attention...90 sec.

Added persoanal inofrmation

Phone numbers for a family of three... email rather than talk...phne from inside the house. or outside...grocereis..

check email before coffee!

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