Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Toastmasters #2 Speech...Gimme an M

Mr. Toastmaster, fellow SEC Roughriders and Honored Guests

Since coming to Toastmastes I have learned to value ....The Pause.....and The value in revealing yourself to you audience.
Today I atttempt I reveal something to you that few people...specially buiness people know about me....
I was a teenaged......CHEERLEADER,,,rah rah!

but I was awful...couldn't cut it and my career was over in a NY Minute!!!

And Today standing here in these minutes with you in NY,,,,I wish I had been better as a Cheerleader. NOW I HAVE SOMETHING TO CHEER ABOUT!
And's not a basketball star...or a football's me...and what I want to Cheer about is my own soon to be trademarked concept for Business Success...The New YORK MINIT...Minit!'re thinking...not only is she bad a cheeleading...her spelling is awful...MINIT? What's up with that?

Welll..that's my unique acronym for business communication success that I am branding and selling in books, keynotes and workshops...I want to give you a few seconds today with my NY MINIT!

And you say...TRISH..."What makes you think you are an expert in Business Communication and Networking Skills?

Let me tell you my story ...judge for yourself...

I came to NYC last year....Only my doorman knew my name.
I knew no one...nada Oh...excuse me I am learning spanish and I am trying to use it in as many ways as I can...part of multi tasking...


I knew nobody..nada
I needed to make
I needed friends...amigos...
I needed dimero...
I needed good work trabajo...

I needed dinero...

and I stand here today telling you I have hit the mark in this city in a year...and my framework for doing it is the New York Minute...if you give me a few of your own, I'll explain as I cheer with you about the Big Idea behind the NY MINIT...ready?

Gimme an M....M meaans make connections and Meaning as you begin to network...I can teach you a few skills to help you be solid in a boardroom or on a convention a new york minute.

Gimme an I...I means Invite connectivity through your rapport skils, eye contact...body language and questions...I can teach yu to do this a New York Minute.

Gimme a N...N means Nice must show you are a great communicator by being quiet....listen to others nice work...I can teach you a new York Minute.

Gimme an I...I means that It's my Pleasure,,,now you can talk in business but make it tight and make it defined... I can teach you how to talk in business a New York Minute.

And T means that's a Wrap/RAP... I can teach you to talk your way to a perfect end to close a conversation, a phone call or a deal!...and do it in a NY Minute!

Want to learn more?

I have many minutes to share!

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