Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The New York M.I.N.I.T.: AM Power Towers for Inviting Connections at your Office

The brilliant after hours networker has to "roost" somewhere...and it's in the office! An office homebase provides the networker endless opportunity for consistent practice as she communicates with others through rapport building for results. The results are different in the office networking game. You are building good currency that is abstract,not concrete. Eventually your AM networking moves may bring you the promotion and salary you deserve, but until then, you'll build good currency with your colleagues and learn how to connect confidently with people.That's priceless.

The office is the perfect spot to refine your New York M.I.N.I.T. moves. And with any luck, you are "among friends",not strangers at work who will welcome your efforts. If you feel like you are surrounded by strangers who won't "play"...keep pushing yourself through any feeling of rejection since you'll have to bear that in PM moments with total starngers! But if it persists, I'd be on Craig's List looking for a new job!

So let's revisit "I" in the New York M.I.N.I.T...Inviting Connectivity!

Now these are your AM moves for the office,and there are similarities and differences in the connectivity you establish outside of your office and in the workplace when you work to make connections.Connections happen not by accident in the office, they are designed.

Passion for your Work
AM Connectivity sparks from within. You must bring a passion to your work everyday that is a beam...a beacon, attracting connections to those in your office. It does nat have to be done with a brashness, rather develop a sublte glow...a belief in what you do. It goes beyond spending hours at your the New York M.I.N.I.T. you get out from behind your desk and connect your passion to others through some very public ways:

Make Big Talk in a Small Room. Inviting connectivity hinges on your ability to make BIG TALK in SMALL ROOMS,not so much loud talk...but deep talk where you share your belief and passion for your work in the meeting rooms, conference rooms, elevators or break rooms of your workplace.It is a public setting and it's a place where you can share your positive view of the organization with your colleagues.

Keep it Simple. Bring your simple messages of positive spirit to the day, either in the exchanges you have in the hallway or the boardroom. Use a great quoat,and carry one in your pocket often...For example...

"Even if you're on the right track,you'll get run over if you just sit there!"

There is a sports announcer in Philadelphia who responds with the ultimate positive statement of simple connectivity.When asked, "How are you doing?" This personality responds, " Never had a bad day in my life!" A passion for living, yes?

Weave a fabric of Connections. Talk to everyone. Be sincere. The porters, the secretaries, the bosses...speak to all. If you are in an elevator, be the person who says goodmorning, or makes the first connected comment to the weather. Be noticed for your openess.

Use your PM Connectivity Skills.

Eye Contact....Here even more than in afterhours, use consistent eye contact to include people in your conversatuons, your questions, your presentations, no matter how small...keep looking at people. Look in their eyes. It helps people feel present and valued. it will make you a connected member of the group.

Approachable Voice....Use what research calls an Approachable voice to gain people's trust. Not booming, loud, shrill, but even and at the end of statements, allow you voice to lift a bit in tone to invite comments. This work well in meetings and in conference calls as well as in stand up meetings in the hallways!

Inquiry... Be there with a question that shows you have listened, from the most casual moment of meeting in the lunchroom, to being at the CEO's meeting. People who ask good questions get noticed, seem more connected and get more appreciation. Start working on asking questions without badgering.

Listen! Listen!...As with your PM work in a big room, keep aware of networking in a small room...and us he Big skills of listening. It may be hard to do since research says most of us have a 90 second attention span for listening! But work to listen and frame questions or paraphrased responses as we practiced earlier. A good listener makes connection in an organization and becomes the GO TO person fast!

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