Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The New York MINIT in the Workplace: A Guide to BIG talk in Small Rooms! book wasn't enough for you,kid? Great!
I am hoping that you have used the skills from the first Volume of the New York Minute, "The Little Guide to Big City Networking", to sharpen yourself as a fluid, comfortable networker. Your calendar is now sprinkled with just the right balance of morning networking breakfasts, power lunches and after hours cocktail events where you have found a niche group to court!
Now turn your attention to the workplace. You can network there, but your networking takes on a different face. You are no longer looking to get business as you do in the PM are learning to be a high level communicator, someone who can be seen as a trusted,GO TO person. The Goal of this Guide is to give you the tools that help build a genuine, unique repertoire of skills that not only help you help you communicate on the job but to manage your communication for great career results.
And it doesn't matter where you are.... in a large or small company,,,in the USA or the UK, you can adopt the same savvy New York MINIT model that was usd in Volume ONE.
In the Workplace edition of this New York MINIT Guide, you'll Follow the familiar framework as it propels you to success on the job!

Build your AM Towers

As in the first book, I invite the image of a unique skyline that you build that reflects who you are in your development as a Business Communicator. If you've read the first Volume of The New York Minute you will have build strong, showplace PM towers based upon your networking skill. In the AM Workplace design...your communication towers are not as grand, but there are MANY and they are consistent and familiar looking towers in your skyline, The more AM tools you refine,,,the bigger your skyline! The MINIT framework can help you shine in your office!

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