Thursday, January 07, 2010

Adam Leitman Bailey Gets Results

I'm in In a meeting in lower Manhattan yesterday. I'd gone to interview Adam Leitman Bailey Esq, top real estate attorney, for my book Brand-ed, and there came a point where I wanted to lean forward and say," Hey, who's interviewing whom!". But it didn't matter because the force of personal and business nature that is Mr. Bailey isn't one to be controlled by an inquiring mind. No,he is not to be reckoned with as much as one to be inspired by. I just reveled in the New York story of my hour with him. And I thank him with this post.

As one of the "Super Lawyers", he could spend his spare time on the golf course schmoozing clients, but not Adam, whom I suspect must have cloned himself to be able to live his brand as he does so intensely and successfully! The brand he carries , both personal and professional, is lived with energy and dedication, Adam Leitman Bailey: WE GET RESULTS. It's that plain and that powerful. It's not only on his website, it's his very being...he lives and breathes his brand.

This is what I want from schools, to be so focused and clear on what they are about for kids. No jargon, no bs. And I know it's hard in a changing social and political world to find authentic ways to say what makes you UNIQUE, but it's worth a try to gather people around a brand and the live it together. It can bring community and caring to new levels. it can make people excited about what they do, where they live, work and play ,and how they win in their day...and their lives. It can help everyone perform better, the ultimate goal of schools today.

And Adam personifies the dream. The need for adults from all kinds of work life to come home to kids. If people did this for school, what currency would that create. If people looked over their shoulder and reached back with any resource available to help. Even without money, returning to a school to help, a school that gave you experiences that formed you as an adult has value. I think of my own son, whose school career had many strained moments. He couldn't wait to escape! But he is now partnering with his school in a project that has mutual benefit...smiles all around, great energy, and authenticity about what schools are there for, even beyond the brief time that we spend in them as students. A brand can bring people home.

So Adam talked about the fact that few schools enlist their alumni to come home again. He's doing that in New Milford, New Jersey, and has a forward thinking school leader as a partner. He's changing lives. Adam's waking , as he said in 2008 to a group of seniors, jumping from bed and clapping his hands, ready to seize the day. And when the day includes giving to kids, we all win.

I'm wanting to clone Adam Leitman Bailey because he can't do it all. Using Brand-ed might be one way to help school thought leaders bring the Adams of the world to the steps of their schoolhouses. And having a brand that reaches them is a big part of that thinking.

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