Sunday, January 10, 2010

3 Answers to Brand Presence: Be a Branding ACE

"Questions Knocking at the Door of my Mind." sang the richly toned voice in my church service yesterday at Unity NYC. My mind goes today to three of those questions that can inform thinking about Branding in Business and in Academia.

1 How Can Associations Help me to Improve my Brand Presence?
2.How Can I Create Authentic Ways to Create Interest in my Brand?
3.How Can I Engage my Brand for Sustained Results with my Market?

So let's take a bit of a field trip through the land of Brand Delivery where our first stop Is ---


Associating is the starting question and quite essential for setting the groundwork for a brand effort. When you begin any brand campaign, think about the vision of the Verizon phone commercial. The caller stands there with hundreds and hundreds of people over his shoulder. That's a network. And a start up company, an individual, or any large organization needs a base of strategic support. How do You associcate? Why? With Whom? Those Questions are knocking too! In a time of shrinking resources and budgets, rally help in alliances.lAs I work with clients we discover that Associating it absolutely important to the strategic alliances, joint venturing, and collaborative nature of building a brand army. So thin A as you campaign foor ASSOCIATING and start adding value.

Next Stop on the Tour ...:


Creating comes in all manner of form, and it's rooted in social media. Not simply knowing the 10 or more channels people can use to promote themselves socially from Face Book to Stumbleupon to Linkedin and Twittter. Add the value of Face to Face creation of a brand buzz with small and large meet ups, salon discussion, full blown events. Make this part of building a reputation. That's what a brand is....a reputation people trust. You have to be out there so people can decide to, in the old Ronald Regan quote..."Trust and Verify" your brand!

Final Stop to being a Brand Ace is ...


Yes, once the know who your fans are, your brand loyalists , it is a constant challenge for an entity to remain sustained, connected, vibrant and on the radar. Think of how the smallest brands to the most iconic brands keep their market or wallet share. Staying in touch and growing your network through your loyal base. Direct mail, email campaigns, fan pages, cloud campaigns. are part of this effort. Maintaining contact, keeping people appreciated, informed, rewarded all help to engage your communiity.

Any thoughts on how YOU have become an ACE at branding through ASSOCIATING CREATING AND ENGAGING?

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