Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thinking Leadership Brand in the School Brand Experience

Once upon a short time ago there was an internet of web 1.0 which was pretty much a one way street of communication through static websites. Many of today's school leaders, were around for the birth of this technology in the nineties. Our fellow educator colleagues of today, those of the Gen X or Y generation, were students in the time web1.0 was born.

It hasn’t taken long for the internet to become participatory and to throw a generational range of career professionals together in its constantly churning wake. The interactive, “two way street” quality of web 2.0, may not have to house a generational divide. Web 2.0 can serve as a rallying point for educators of all generations who want to create connected communities of learning.

That’s what makes the Brand-ed philosophy a broadband for success. Generations of school leaders can now have rich and connected conversations about 2.0 on the many platforms on the 2.0 scene. Long time leaders and their younger colleagues .. who could have been their students... are now experiencing similar demands from the rapidly changing world of communicaton and technology. The marketplace for effective school leadership wants return,no matter how long a leader has been in place!

So, let's talk about how our rapidly changing world can advance learning through a "brand experience" approach to education. Today educators from baby boomers to Gen Y are planning the course for a whole new millennial generation And those students understand brand experience, and can thrive in environments that build relationships to make that experience positive. School leaders' participation in the web 2.0 world ,personally and professionally ,connects school communities to new opportunities for excellence.

Part of that change lies within a leader who takes on the view of "Leadership Branding". This could be a breakout move toward a brand experience when a leader uses web 2.0 to establish, not so much of a personal brand, but a professional Leadership Brand. A Leadership Brand communicates in an outward fashion about the leader...but also welcomes inbound connection to others...the two way street for school excellence may start with a professional's 2.0 Leadership Brand!

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