Friday, March 26, 2010

Jason Miletsky and the Brand-ed Experience

I'm pleased to announce that marketing superstar, Jason Miletsky, is talking with me about lending his voice to Brand-ed.

Part of creating the tone of the book is threading the voices of successful and savvy marketers and educators
around the question, Can a "Branding Experience" improve public education. Jason has graciously agreed to consider being part of the conversation. THANK YOU, Jason!

Miletsky is a successful author and CEO of Mango! Marketing, a marketing, PR and social media communications agency. He has authored a new book on getting yourself noticed and raising your personal profile using online and offline techniques.

My message of personal branding and marketing for school leaders fits with Jason's view of developing networks, another subject close to my heart for educators!

“People don’t realize how many opportunities they have, every day, all the time, to market themselves,” said Miletsky. “Whether you’re on the job hunt, looking for new clients, selling a product or service, trying to grab a bit of fame – even if you’re just looking for a date, it all comes down to marketing yourself better." It's my belief that school leaders need to hear that message and to act upon these principles to build an authentic LEADERSHIP BRAND that leads to improved culture, performance and resources for schools. Just ask my co-author Eric Sheninger, whose leadership brand is going to be featured today again on the CBS news at 5pm in NYC!

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