Thursday, July 30, 2009

What if Networking!

What If Networking is Launched

Writing a book on networking has brought me great connections and result, so it seemed a natural progression to actually be the one to produce networking events, instead of the one to attend them!

More than a year ago, I tested the waters with my first brand, a woman’s networking event, for professional women. I called it Backwards in Heels after the famous quote by Anne Richardson, feisty former governor of Texas, who said that Ginger Rogers was a woman’s hero because she did everything her partner…a man did…BUT she did it BACKWARDS AND IN HEELS! Very empowering! And yes, as I look at my 4th event in September on the horizon, and the requests I have had from UK, the west coast to go Backwards in Heels there, I know it’s an important networking brand that appeals!

Without missing a beat, I turned my attention to another market…the breakfast networking circuit! Now, I must tell you, I am a BNI flunkie…and so I actually designed another networking event with a feisty irreverent twist… so not BNI!!!I wanted to take elegance and turn it on it’s ear. I have done so with Trish Rubin’s Breakfast Network MORNING SING! With the sponsorship of Steinway & Sons and bath junkie, I have produced a unique event, powered by Betsy Hirsch of Steinway and vocal teacher, Ingrid Saxon. And we are up for our 4th Sing on August 27th!

SO why stop there??? To create the buzz of people meeting people, which I get the biggest kick out of…to assure that my mission is advanced…to connect all the best people in NY to all the best people in NY, I have added to my networking string of pearls and have developed a collection of branded, networking events that will meet a variety of needs and styles…all under the brand Trish RUBIN’s What if Networking!

Check out www.whatif

Barter networking events, speed dating and networking events are part of the collection…and more will come!

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