Friday, June 05, 2009


Hi, folks:

Great news for my power networking fellows---

I am partnering on an exclusive breakfast event with Danny Meyer, the head of UNION SQUARE GROUP , and guess what? The reduced fee for a fabulous “Breakfast with Danny Meyer “ at Tabla is now $60 for friends of Trish Rubin....and that's you.

This is going to be an amazing NYC breakfast event…skip the gym and spend time in a unique setting!

What you get:

1. A special, “first ever” breakfast feast by Chef Floyd Cardoz, Executive Chef of Tabla
( The fantastic, sexy, groundbreaking restaurant where we will dine.)
2. Great networking with some of NYC's best movers and shakers…expand your circles with new contacts!
3. An up-close and personal presentation by the master, Danny Meyer*

This is a first. A small, intimate room where you can meet a NYC business legend and hear him talk about starting a highly competitive business in NYC, one of the most competitive markets in the world; breaking ground for Union Square Cafe in a not-yet gentrified location, building slowly ( His second restaurant wasn't started for 14 years), using service as a core component in his recipe for success, “collecting the dots and connecting the dots” to build a loyal network...and more, much more.

Remember, Danny grew his brand slowly and deliberately --we can all learn from his success story as we enjoy the company of others who want to experience service and connection in an inspiring way. This breakfast is a must as you head into summer. Register now, and please spread the word & forward this email to others.

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