Friday, July 07, 2006

Order, Confidence, Identity and Entertainment at 35,000ft.

Order, Confidence, Identity, and Entertainment at 35,00 Feet

The poem about leaving Japan begins in seat 40J
Blue fabric seat back of 39J talks to me in living color of the New York flight plan.

All I know for sure is time
Leave at 4 pm July 4
Arrrive 4pm July 4
Happy Birthday to me

The slow boat to my new age at 588mph

Who gets the first phone call when my New York travelled toes touch the tarmac?
I challenge my thinking
Drifting on a buzz of white wine and short term memory.

A year ago today all was confusion out of the Dublin publife into trendy Mayfair
wandering moonchild in the buzz of Live 8 and

Now a year and a lifetime later
A new order
Past the shock horror of a loner UK birthday
The rise of the sun warms my shoulder
I exist bloom at 35,000ft so supremely perched
classic rock tunes in my ear
wriggling rock and roll in window seat

Ignoring the sidelong glance of aislesitters
Chill. Kakoo-ii-like. It's my birthday.

I soar into a new horizon
Side step the international dateline
Led Zepplin weaves its familiar spell
la la the love that I found
breathing deep the cabin air
celebrate me home.


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