Sunday, June 04, 2006

New York Zydeco

It's a year since I went to New Orleans, one of my most favorite spots in this country to relax and play. After the hurricane, I looked for ways to get back...and I am headed to do some good service work there with the Rotary...but until I get there, I will get my NOLA fix on 45th Street...Zydeco dancing!

At Connolly's..a good Irish Bar...a group of experienced and newbie dancers gathered to hear an amazing Zydeco band and to dance until in NOLA things would just be heating up at that hour!!!

But thanks to my friend Adelle who put out the word, I was able to enjoy an evening learning the Cajun Waltz...with my friends Andy and Ivi, we took our turns on the floor doing our Zydeco thing! It was the most welcoming dance floor in the city, I am sure. Another chance awaits us on June 18th!

And now if I only could find a place for Cajun rice and beans!!!

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