Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Networking in the New York M.I.N.I.T.

It's really an American belief that only the best power to succcess, fight and claw their way to the top...only the strong survive!
Not true in networking! Only the Connected Survive...build a climate around yourself that takes you from the mindset of network collector to one of...catalyst!

Learning to create a buzz around business comes from the bridges you build, not burn, on your way to the top! And especially in New York City. The community is far from tight, but it's textured and affords great context for connection to new clients and supporters.

Using the framework of the NEW YORK M.I.N.I.T. , The EdVentures Group can promote your connection to the success you want. Start with the networking you do at a big conference or meeting..make it count!

The New York MINIT is a tight framework a business person can use to target a room...not for the purpose of collecting 50 business cards, but the 5 cards that will get you business!

M....Make a Move!

I....Invite the Connection

N....Nice Work!

I It's my Pleasure!

T...That's a (W)rap!

In the following articles, the framework will be described for any executive to practice...take your own 5 business cards and hold them in your pocket and read further!

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