Monday, February 13, 2006

Other Peoples Clothes: Listen to The Story

There are stories in Other people's Clothes. That is why I wear them. Everything I wear is basically consigned. I can't seem to help myself! When I buy, I buy vintage. Getting the Karma from other people's clothes works for me. I plan to build a speaking business around it!

So...Trish's Top Five Reasons to Wear Other People's Clothes...

5. Four Letter Word rule:The Word USED beats the word SALE any day of the week!

4. Always in style..well it was in style when it was bought!

3. No worry of running into someone wearing the same outfit, unless you are in the Goodwill!

2. No need to endure hot Abercronmie Sales girls to buy you 50.00 baby tee!...

1. You just love being different!!!

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